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  1. Hello Eric Harris,

    Hi found Holochain project is very intrusting, I study about Holochain and have make a video with detail explanation about Holochain for my youtube channel info nodearts in my native Hindi language hope you like this …

    I would like to take short online interview for my channel if you like just basic question about Holochain

    I m not very much expert in English but I try if possible please revert.

    Thanks & Regards

  2. pkrafel

    Hi, Eric,
    So sorry to hear of your wife’s stage 4 cancer. Alysia and I went through her stage 1 breast cancer and that was burden enough on both of us. My soul sends you whatever light you both need on this journey you share together.
    I sent out my last Cairns, announcing my new book, and it bounced back from you. So I figured discontinued email so I searched your name and came to hear. My new book is online at roamingupward.net
    Spiritual sharing to you both.
    Paul Krafel

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