the role of conventional money

Since mutual credit money is truly valueless, it cannot BE a unit of measure. It must USE a unit of measure. This means that there must be something with which to set the price of things. You could use chickens or bales of tobbacco or kilowats, or hours as your unit of measure in which […]

money & spirit

For that last 2 years I’ve begun a process of examining perhaps one of the most fundamental ways that I “participate in the consumer economy” and that is simply my use of money, specifically US dollars. Before this period money seemed primarily mundane. Money was just a practical thing about living life. It’s there, and […]

what money is worth

Michael & Eric are walking down the road talking about what people will do for money. Michael sees a steaming pile of dog poop and says: “Eric, I’ll give you 20 grand if you eat some of that.” Eric thinks, wow good deal, and does. Michael says “ok, I owe you 20k.” A little while […]