rails capistrano deploy script OS X to Ubuntu

Ok, so in a previous post I described the rabit-hole which is switching to rails. Below’s my capistrano deploy script which solves a number of problems: The production server needs a mongrel cluster configuration file added. Deployment requires restarting the mongrel cluster. On Ubuntu the database.yaml spec has to be modified to because you need […]

The Economics of Innocent Fraud, John Kenneth Galbraith, 2004

You can read this short book in an hour, but you’ll be thinking about it for much longer. Galbraith, a man of impeccable credentials, points out some of the unspoken (by mainstream culture) truths of our times: “The free-market system” is the meaningless replacement term for what capitalism has become, and what should truthfully be […]

A “list items won’t wrap” Firefox css fix!

The last few days working on the openmoney.info website, I’ve had a major hassle dealing with what appears to be a bug in the html renderer in Firefox. The issue is that in Firefox, text in a list item won’t wrap around a right floated image; like this: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing […]

down the rails rabbit hole

The last month has been quite a trip down the rabbit hole into the new reality of ruby on rails! The promise of a powerful and well designed web application framework was just too much for me to resist, so I decided to leave my own yawaf framework behind (though it has certainly served me […]