The Vow of Wealth

My friend Jean-François Noubel has taken the vow of wealth.  I believe this has huge implications for all of us.  It opens a path by inspiration and example.  Read the FAQ too.


I was looking at how perl6 is coming along and found this: which is really cool.  Besides being a really nice presentation of the material (including the “Motivation” section) there’s just lotsa nice stuff.  Some of the new way outa here cool perl6 features: meta operators gather/take construct for lazy lists grammars Enums twigils […]


So today a bunch of our websites went down, and the scripts I had in place to monitor for this type of occasion hadn’t been updated for some time so the new websites weren’t even in the scripts. Upshot: I didn’t notice for too long. Then I went looking for web-site status monitoring tools, and […]

Wall St Journal covers the currency revolution?

The meme of coming multi-currency world is beginning to be visible to the main stream. To see how, watch this Wall Street Journal tech video by Andy Jordan. Not only is yours truly and the MetaCurrency project shown (I’m not really an economist BTW), but also some other nice efforts that show the growth in […]