econophysics and community currency

I’ve recently been introduced to the field of econophysics and I’ve read an interesting the review paper on the field. My thoughts on this paper is that it’s very good news for the community currency movement, if understood properly. For a long time when talking about cc, I’ve been using the little thought experiment of asking […]

bdd & accounting

I just realized that Behavior Driven Development is very similar to double entry book-keeping in accounting! 

git me some solutions

Well, git definitely takes some gitting used to. My situation is using git with three team members and a private shared repository that we all pull from and push too.  Additionally our project has a submodule that lives on a public git-hub repository (metaform). So here are some things I’ve learned: Use rebase. Here’s how: […]

git bandwagon

Well, I’ve officially joined the git bandwagon.  I’ve put metaform up on github (the open money projects will come soon, but I think probably on gitorious); I’ve been reading tons of articles about git; I installed it on Tiger (use MacPorts) and Leopard (install from source with these instructions but use 1.5.5); and now I’m blogging about it.  The most interesting article so far on […]


I’m in mexico, and it’s the start of the third day of the open money intensive.  This is an incredible experience of the expansion of the open money vision that’s been in gestation for so long and is now being  birthed.  More soon!

spam hacking this blog

I’m very grumpy because some spammers have been hacking this blog!  I’ve updated to the latest version of WordPress, and it still seems to be occuring, so if you see nasty stuff here, please notify me.  Thanks.