Gnucash & Tiger

Another installment in the collective tech-support arena:
Gnucash wasn’t working under OS X Tiger (10.4.5); whenever I tried to run a report I kept getting the following cryptic error message in my terminal:

dyld: Symbol not found: _program_invocation_short_name
Referenced from: /sw/lib/libgnome.32.dylib
Expected in: flat namespace

A google search didn’t reveal anything with those error messages as keywords, so it was up to me to find the answer. Fourtunately my first stab in the dark worked! I did a fink selfupdate and then fink update-all (I’m using FinkCommander so I did those fink commands from the Source menu). I’m guessing that when I reinstalled gnucash after updating to Tiger, there were still some bugs in several of the libraries that were fixed by the fink update.
Be forewarned that this take a loooong time to complete (overnight for me on my G4 powerbook).

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