flow, Krafel, & google earth

This week I was given a copy of Paul Krafel’s mini-film The Upward Sprial. Which, despite, nay in part because of, some hoakyness, provides deep and powerful language and images for how to look at the world. He talks about flow, feedback spirals, and a “second solution” to the problem posed by the second law of thermodynamics. It is both philosphical and practical for those looking to change our broken world.

Just for fun I took this an opportunity to learn kml so that we could map the flow of the spread of Krafel’s ideas using google earth. If you want to play, go to a little site I created where you can add your location and then add to a network link into your google earth and see the location of all of those who have entered their locations to the map.


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One thought on “flow, Krafel, & google earth

  1. I just got the DVD, too, and agree that the hoakiness of the production added to the believability/buy-in on my part. If it were any more slickly produced, it likely wouldn’t have captured my imagination as much as it did.

    My favorite quote from the DVD was “You can count the seeds in an apple, but you can’t count the apples in the seed.”

    Watched it while flying in for the Identity Mashup conference. I’ll be adding my location in Google Earth later when I figure out what part of the country I covered in the hour it took to watch en route to BOS from SFO.

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