new skype language

So, there are two new skype related words that I’ve started using, one which I coined myself, and the other which was amazingly self-referentially coined while in a chat.

The first word “skypo” is what you do when you mistakenly (and potentially very embarrassingly) type something into the wrong chat. My skype window usually has 10 or so ongoing chats, often happening simultaneously, and sometimes I just start typing and hit return thinking I’m in one when I’m actually in another. That’s a skypo.

[NOTE: Turns out (not surprisingly) that someone else though of this a few months before me…]

The second word is for what happens when you are typing something and the other person in the chat was typing the exact same thing. The word is skypultaneous, and it was itself a skypultaneity, as I was chatting about this with Lisa trying to come up for a word for it and we skypultaneously typed “skypultaneous”!

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