More on language and wealth acknowledgment

In a discussion today with Jean-François about the content of my previous post, he described another very important way of thinking about the evolution of writing from pictographs to alphabets and ideograms. Namely that the step taken was from a system in which representations could be created, to a system in which information can be created. Likewise our current wealth acknowledgment systems actually represent wealth directly. A direct consequence of this is that money can be stolen. Writing, however creates information. Information intrinsically can’t be stolen (you have to set up complicated legal systems to shoe-horn information into being steal-able). Open money embodies the shift to a wealth acknowledgment system that allows us to move beyond representing wealth, into building information about wealth.

2 thoughts on “More on language and wealth acknowledgment

  1. Sheri Herndon

    I really appreciate the distinction here Eric from representing wealth to building information about wealth. I want to take it one step further. In a recent conversation I was having with Paul (Taylor), what emerged was around generating not just an exchange about wealth via information, but the creation of wealth. I know this is implicit in what you are writing but I wanted to speak up for what feels alive in me at this moment. It’s the languaging I’m reaching for…

  2. Will

    wait… you can steal ideograms?

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