One thought on “Why I don’t like Apple anymore

  1. katin5

    Hey Eric –

    Remember that the world of patent warfare is much bigger and more complex than seems right. What I really hate are the wasted resources and assaults on what would be commons property that go to ridiculous extremes. It is clear that our patent and copyright system is quite broken.

    However, don’t jump down Apple’s throat until you see the offense in an Apple product… they well could have patented that in order to gain footholds and assets in all the patent wars in which they are constantly embroiled. It is a common tactic to deny others use (and revenue) of a feature by patenting it.

    It might also serve as a pawn in the game of pleasing partnership companies – perhaps a cell carrier is requiring an Apple device to support this feature, and Apple decided to level the playing field by taking the feature out of the competitor’s reach. A ways down the road with partners look different, and it may turn out the partner realizes it wasn’t such a great idea after all, etc.

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