Amathanga ahlanzela abangenamabhodo

There’s a Zulu saying “Amathanga ahlanzela abangenamabhodo,” which means “Pumpkins also multiply for those without pots.” It means that abundance is the natural state of all human beings, but we have to have belief that it can happen and do everything we can all the time to make it happen. You can achieve the impossible, but to do it, you need to see the invisible. We know how many seeds there are in a pumpkin, but we don’t know how many pumpkins there are in a seed.

3 thoughts on “Amathanga ahlanzela abangenamabhodo

  1. daddy shabalala

    Imagine trying to cook pumpkin without a pot
    Imagine having pots without pumpkins

    The saying translates to, “that those with an abundance of resources don’t have the tools to utilize those resources. meaning fortune favours the unskilled or unqualified.”

  2. Nokukhanya Dhlamini

    No it means wealth or good things falling into wrong hands. Someone receiving something good that they may not deserve and not taking good care of it or making good of the great opportunity presented.

  3. Dan

    No…this interpretation is not entirely correct.The meaning is that good things happen to those who di not have the capacity to handle or appreciate them.

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